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Our Story

It all started with an unexpected discovery...

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A Low-Calorie Alternative To Sugar

Sweet DiscoveryMany years ago, researchers from an established British college were researching a new compound made from sugar, called sucralose, when the research team discovered not only that sucralose was deliciously sweet, but also that it contained no calories. Even better, they found that it could be used almost anywhere sugar is used. A true low-calorie alternative to sugar was born.

When we heard about the discovery of sucralose, we knew it could help a lot of people lead healthier lifestyles by replacing sugar. So our own small group of researchers got to work. They spent years talking to experts and collecting research to assure us sucralose was safe for anyone. Sure enough, Health Canada agreed and approved it in 1991. Named for its splendidly sweet taste, SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener started shipping to stores across the country. This tradition of innovation and great taste is carried with our revolutionary SPLENDA® Stevia Sweeteners. Made with a unique blend of stevia leaf extract SPLENDA® Stevia Sweeteners have no bitter aftertaste, we are proud to say they are the best tasting stevia sweetener! We have a sweetener for every need.

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener is Proven Safe For Everyone To Enjoy

To date, there have been over 110 studies conducted over a 20-year period on the safety of sucralose. After studying everything from blood sugar and dental health to potential side effects, the research has proved two key things over and over: sucralose has no known side effects and is safe for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

“I love to cook and bake for my family, and when I bake pies etc., I don't use anything else but SPLENDA® Sweetener now, and my husband says that they are so much better than when I used to use sugar.” - Naomi L.

Did you know?

As one of the most extensively tested food additives, sucralose is now approved for use in over 80 countries and is used in more than 4,000 products worldwide.

“I have been using SPLENDA® Sweeteners in my cooking and baking for a long time now - it's a great substitute for sugar if you are looking to cut the calories but keep the sweetness. It allows me to create healthier meals that are still delicious but have less added sugar!”

- Chef Howard Dubrovsky

Did you know?

Sucralose tickles the same taste bud receptors as sugar on your tongue. So you get the sweet sugar-like taste you love, without the calories of sugar.

Made From Sugar, Tastes Like Sugar, But It's Not Sugar

SPLENDA® Sweetener Products taste like sugar for a reason. All our products contain sucralose, While it is not sugar, making sucralose starts with sugar. The sugar used to make sucralose is pure – grown and harvested by farmers on the sun-drenched coasts of places like Australia, Hawaii and Florida. From there, it undergoes an amazing transformation from ordinary sugar into an extraordinary sweetener - one that tastes like sugar, but isn't sugar.

Our Standards Are High

When it comes to quality, we go the extra mile. Our sweetener is put through an extensive purification process and over 50 quality checks every day, including taste tests, to make sure each batch meets our extremely high standards. Only the best gets by our dedicated quality checkers so you get the same great taste every time.

“I recommend SPLENDA® Sweeteners to many of my clients as a substitute for sugar in their diet. SPLENDA® is stable when heated so I especially recommend it to my clients who want to sweeten hot beverages or baking products. It doesn't metabolize in the body as a carbohydrate so it is an ideal substitute for people with diabetes and/or insulin resistance...”

- Helene Charlebois, RD

Get The Sweetness Without The Sugar

Good EverybodyWhile sugar is digested in your body for energy, sucralose is not. That’s because, while made from sugar, sucralose is different. The small tweaks that create sucralose prevent your body from breaking it down for energy, which means you get sweetness without the calories.

SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener is a great choice for people of all ages who are trying to take small steps toward eating better and living healthier each day. It stays sweet in cooking and baking, mixes well in hot and cold drinks, has a proven safety record, and is a simple and delicious way to reduce excess calories and added sugars in everyday recipes. So switching from sugar to SPLENDA® Sweetener Products is an easy swap to make.

Thank you for bringing us into your home, your coffee cup and all of your sweet moments in between. We look forward to continuing to find new and splendid ways to help make your life a little sweeter.

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“SPLENDA® Sweeteners have been such a help to me while dealing with diabetes. I have been able to control it well with diet alone for almost 30 years.. and that, in great part, is due to SPLENDA®... Thank You SPLENDA®, for your help in controlling this disease without depriving me of what I love!”

- Joan P.

Did you know?

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (sucralose) is a great choice for people with diabetes because it does not affect blood glucose, insulin, or HbA1c levels.