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Weight Management

How Can Splenda® Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

Your favourite foods & drinks may be a source of added calories and sugar. Don’t compromise great taste in the foods you love, make the switch to Splenda today.

Dr. Elise Zahn DO, FACOEP

Dr. Elise Zahn shares how Splenda Brand Sweeteners helped her patient lose over 40lbs – and keep it off! By using Splenda recipes to find new ways to decrease added sugars, meeting with a nutritionist, and adopting a healthier lifestyle this patient was able to crush her personal health goals.

A healthy body weight is one part of overall health. While managing weight can seem overwhelming, it’s important to know that even small decreases in body weight (5-10%3) can help decrease your risk for developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure. People who lose weight gradually (1-2lbs per week) are more successful at keeping it off3,4 and smart swaps with Splenda Sweeteners helps! Work with your doctor, nurse, or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to identify a healthy weight for your lifestyle.

Calories are found in all foods and provide our body with the energy it needs for our daily activities. Most adults need about 2000 calories per day, but this can vary based on your age, body size and type, and activity level. Many people consume more calories than they realize by choosing foods with added sugars, which provide empty calories. Empty calories are those that don’t provide any nutrient benefits and are not needed in your daily food intake. Making a sweet swap with Splenda Sweeteners can help you eliminate empty calories in some of your favourite foods and drinks, as shown below.

5 Tips for Losing or Maintaining Weight

  1. Use Splenda Sweeteners in place of sugar in desserts and beverages, like cookies or coffee, to reduce calories.
  2. Make low-calorie sauces using Splenda Sweeteners to enjoy with stir-fried vegetables or fresh fruits.
  3. Keep a food log to understand what food groups you may be missing in your diet and to help identify any sweet swaps you can make to decrease sources of added sugars.
  4. Get moving! To achieve the recommended 150 minutes4 of activity each week try walking, gardening, dancing, or something else you find enjoyable.
  5. Stay hydrated and remember that water doesn’t have to be boring. flavour your water with fresh fruit and herbs, then sweeten with Splenda Sweeteners, just like our Mint Lemonade recipe!

Recipe Ideas

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