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Splenda® Original Sweeteners

No calorie sweetener. Tastes like sugar and perfect for sweetening coffee, tea, and other beverages. Splenda Original Sweeteners are available in packets and granulated, great for baking! Splenda Brown Sugar Blend is another great option to help reduce sugar in baking.

Splenda® Stevia Sweeteners

No calorie sweetener made from naturally sourced ingredients. Tastes and bakes like sugar. Keto-friendly. Our Stevia sweetener is made from the sweetest part of the leaves of the Stevia plant. Try Splenda Stevia in your favourite beverages and in baking!

Splenda® Monk Fruit Sweeteners

No calorie tabletop sweetener made with monk fruit and erythritol. Naturally sourced and Keto-friendly. Taste like sugar. Great for baking and sweetening beverages!

Splenda® Keto Sweeteners

No calorie, Keto-friendly sweetener. Made with naturally sourced ingredients. Tastes like sugar. Perfect sweetener for baking. Try it!