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Frequently Asked Questions   >   Do Splenda® Brand products expire?

Do Splenda® Brand products expire?

Splenda Brand Sweeteners are labeled with Best By dates.
When stored in a cool, dry place tabletop Sweeteners such as packets, jars, or pouches of granulated Splenda Original, Splenda Stevia, and Splenda Brown Sugar Blend will retain their sweetness and can be consumed after their best by date.

Reference dates below are how items are coded from the date of production and apply to products that have not been opened.

  • Splenda Original Sweeteners – 36 months
  • Splenda Stevia Sweeteners – 24 months
  • Splenda Stevia Liquid Sweeteners – 24 months
  • Splenda Monk Fruit Sweeteners – 24 months
  • Splenda Brown Sugar Blend Sweeteners – 24 months

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