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Frequently Asked Questions   >   Does Splenda contain erythritol?

Does Splenda contain erythritol?

Erythritol is used in some Splenda Brand Sweetener products. Splenda Original Sweeteners do not contain erythritol. Splenda yellow packets and Splenda yellow granulated sweeteners do not contain erythritol. Below is a list of Splenda products with and without erythritol. You can also find the ingredients listed on the back panel of all Splenda products as well as on the product pages on

Splenda Products with Erythritol

Splenda Monk Fruit Packets
Splenda Monk Fruit Jar
Splenda Stevia Packets
Splenda Stevia Jar
Splenda Keto Sweetener
Splenda Coffee Creamers

Splenda Products with NO Erythritol

Splenda Original Packets
Splenda Original Pouch
Splenda Brown Sugar Blend
Splenda Sugar Blend
Splenda Stevia Pouch
Splenda Liquid Sweeteners
Splenda Liquid Water Enhancers

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