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Frequently Asked Questions   >   Does Splenda Original (Yellow) contain erythritol?

Does Splenda Original (Yellow) contain erythritol?

Erythritol is not formulated with nor present in our Splenda Original/Yellow Sweetener Portfolio – yellow packets, yellow pouches, liquids and sugar blends. Unfortunately, several prominent news outlets inaccurately featured Splenda products and yellow packets in their coverage of the erythritol study giving the misleading and erroneous impression that our Splenda Original Zero Calorie Sweetener portfolio contains erythritol, which they do not. We are in contact with these media outlets so they can correct their reporting.

Splenda offers a variety of product forms and sweetener ingredients to provide Consumers with the right option for accomplishing their personal health goals. For a complete list of Splenda products and their ingredients you can visit our website:

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