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Sweet Successes

How Has Splenda® Helped Your Patients Achieve Their Health Goals?

Healthcare Professionals Discuss the Benefits of Splenda®

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Read What Others Are Saying About Splenda

"I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I find that Splenda Stevia, is excellent. Thank you for making it!"

– Sharon P., Splenda Shopper

"Yes, [I recommend Splenda] to help my patients stay on track with their diets and lower overall Hemoglobin A1C. I use Splenda myself and have lost 8lbs. [Splenda is] a cornerstone in decreasing sugar and still not having to feel deprived."

– Susan M., PA

"It is encouraging to educate clients about other healthy options to reduce sugars in their diets.... Thank you, [Splenda]!!"

– Melissa M., RD, LDN, CLC

"My doctor noticed that my sugar levels were a little above the good numbers, so he recommended I use Splenda. I did and my numbers dropped."

– Edward. S., Splenda Shopper

"I teach Diabetes Self-Management Education classes for a public health department for several counties. I have partnered with extension offices in making recipes healthier by using Splenda and my clients love this teaching method."

– Janet C., RN, BSN, MLDE, CDE

"I have a patient that recently lost 30 lbs after going on a lower carbohydrate diet. She uses Splenda in her baked goods and teas now. She told me that she has been experimenting with Splenda based jams and jellies!"

– Callie G, MS, RD, LD

"Last year, I decided to get healthier and lost over 20lbs. I believe part of my success was changing to Splenda from regular sugar."

– Silvia F., Splenda Shopper

"By substituting Splenda Stevia and/or Splenda Liquid for sugar in tea beverages. I tell the patients to purchase unsweetened tea & add either Splenda Stevia or Splenda Liquid to sweeten the tea for a healthier lifestyle, to help with weight loss, and decrease sugar content in foods & beverages."

– Marvin M., PharmD

“I recommend Splenda for my patients because it’s a great sugar substitute. It does not stimulate insulin. It’s available in most major grocers and many restaurants.”

Dr. Elise Zahn

Read What Others Are Saying About Splenda

"[Splenda] helps our clients with diabetes satisfy their sweet tooth, save calories, and decrease weight."

– Marian R., RD, CDE

"[Splenda] Stevia is an excellent replacement for table sugar for my older patients who like to dust many of their foods with sugar."

– Dennis D., CRNP

"Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Splenda has been a staple in my home."

– Renea C., Splenda Shopper

"Splenda is a choice for myself and what I recommend to my patients due to no aftertaste."

– Ann H., RD, LN, CDE

"Splenda satisfies my sweet cravings without impacting my blood sugar."

– William M, Splenda Shopper

"I really like Splenda - it's great for my diabetes."

– Sandra H., Splenda Shopper

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